I wrote a book! After two years worth of self-editing, I’m finally sending it out to beta readers.

I’m primarily a programmer and designer, not a writer, but this story has been nagging me for a while, and it’s good to finally get it out on paper. I’m working on getting together a draft that’s “final”, and am at the point where it needs more eyes.

Some notes:

  • it’s Southern Gothic, set in 2010s America in Florida. The narrator is a sixteen-year-old girl, but it’s not YA or children’s literature.
  • a lot of bad things happen. the story is structured like a romance novel, but it’s not a romance novel, or any kind of genre fiction.
  • there’s no explicit violence or sexual content, but deals with some very dark/disturbing themes. Much of my time spent in Florida was spent researching the book. The places depicted (mostly Melbourne, Orlando, Deland) are all real; the characters are all fictitious.

If anyone is interested in reading this, email me at cidney@cidneyhamilton.com.